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Hawk Exteriors is growing construction company and their employers have more than 10 years experience , We'll nail your next project, because nobody wants a screw up! First Check our previous work then call us for next project. Because Our work speaks about our success stories not only in residential our commercial work also appreciable.

  • Building House
  • Reparing
  • Renovation of Commercial & Residential
  • Make Quality Products

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Residential is an adjective that expresses a relationship with homes, apartments, or anywhere where people live. you would possibly ask a residential building, a residential neighborhood, or a residential block.


Commercial means involving or concerning the buying and selling of products . Docklands in its heyday was a serious center of commercial

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Depending upon your location, stucco is extremely comparably priced with other home exterior choices. However, once you consider the lasting durability and therefore the numerous benefits of stucco over other exteriors, you'll find that you simply receive far better value for your money over time.

Whether you have some sort of atmospheric contamination, biological growth, or staining from another construction process, stucco are often cleaned effectively.

If properly maintained, the cladding will last the lifetime of the building. Initial EIFS walls were installed within the late 1960s and most are still in commission today.

Stucco are often painted. Portland cement-based paints are very compatible with stucco because they're made from an equivalent material.

Residential Stucco Types

  • Traditional Stucco
  • Paper Wire
  • Scratch Coat
  • Acrylic Texture
  • Acrylic Smooth Finish
  • EIFS Foam System

Commercial Stucco Types

  • Traditional Stucco
  • Paper Wire
  • Scratch Coat
  • Acrylic Texture
  • Acrylic Smooth Finish
  • EIFS Foam System


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